How well do you know reBuy ? More international markets and new product ranges.

How well do you know reBuy ? More international markets and new product ranges.

reBuy reCommerce GmbH

Tell us a bit more about your Startup and your achievements?

At reBuy customers can quickly and securely buy and sell electronics and media items like mobile phones, Apple products, video games, movies, music, software, consoles, laptops, tablets, books and eBook readers for a set price.

Just entering an ISBN, an EAN or any item name will immediately bring up the purchase amount.

Sellers simply package their product and send it to reBuy to immediately have the sale price transferred to their bank account.

Buyers can also purchase quality-assured goods at prices up to 50% less than new material, with the added assurance that every item sold comes with a 18-month reBuy guarantee.

Faster and better than ever – Discover new reBuy Android app now

Phone, tablet, phablet, Chromebook, fridge – no matter what device to benefit from the re-buy app: now search, browse, selling and buying on the Get familiar platform. Original design, increased stability and fastest search times guarantee maximum flexibility and maximum rebuy experience on all devices. Do not miss any action!

Whether it’s muttering or shopping, download and get started! Who already uses the rebuy scanner, should migrate to the new app, to benefit from the advantages it provides: Here download the new, improved version directly for free.

Where are your offices located?

Potsdamer Straße 188 Berlin, 10783 Germany

What makes your startup such a great place to work?


At reBuy you can experience a great time with your colleagues. We have a brand new office!

Huge & bride working spaces, a lounge, brainstorming rooms, you can play table tennis to have a break from work or relax at our “fireplace” room.

To have a healthy and powerful start into the day we have fresh fruits delivered. For those who first need a real breakfast, our “Brötchenmann” comes every morning with delicious snacks and bagels.

This you can enjoy with a cup of coffee and a short chat in our new kitchen. Several times a year we organize events to push our team spirit and to have a good time with friends. These and many other benefits you can expect when you become a part of us.

Besides technical skills what other attributes will make a candidate a good fit for joining your team?

We are looking for visionaries who are willing to think out of the box.

reBuy reCommerce GmbH Job Openings HERE