How to turn a fledging start-up into big business

How to turn a fledging start-up into big business

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SalesGossip co-founder Zabetta Camilleri discusses the importance of digital marketing and product development in her top tips for business start ups.

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Zabetta Camilleri is co-founder of SalesGossip, an online and mobile platform that alerts shoppers to the latest promotions and sales. In 2012, the fashion tech start-up took the top spot in the RBS EnterprisingU final. Here, she shares her top tips of how to turn your idea into a big business.

Besides cash, growth is the common denominator among all the start-up founders I have met. It’s great to have an idea and it’s great to have a few friends using it but how do you attract 100s, 1000s then 10,000s and 100,000s – not to mention millions? Since the launch of SalesGossip, (the main source of information for any and every fashion sale out there), growth has always been at the top of our agenda and to this day keeping up the growth momentum is at the heart of our daily work.


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