How to get a Job at a Startup

How to get a Job at a Startup

If you’re looking to land a top job with a ground-breaking Startup firm, you’ll probably need to make some big changes to your job hunt strategy.

With their casual dress codes and quirky marketing tactics, you can understand why the traditional approach to job hunting might not cut it when you’re looking to get your foot in the door of a hot Startup like Hello Fresh, Uber,Deliveroo or AirBnb.

Looking beyond the beanbags and foosball tables in their offices, there is also plenty of exciting work on offer and the chance to contribute to innovative ideas that are disrupting entire industries.


Definition of a Startup


So how do you adapt your job hunting game to make sure you meet the new standards being set by these trendsetting organisations?

This guide will explain everything you need to impress a hot new Startup by looking at the following 3 areas:


Startup CV

1) Your Startup CV

The first section will cover the foundation of every successful job hunt; your CV. I will explain in detail how you can adapt your CV to look slick and modern whilst remaining remaining professional and packed with attractive skills and experience that Startups desperately need.


Startup Job Search

2) Where to find Startup Jobs

Startups aren’t always advertising their best opportunities on the mainstream job boards, so this section will show you exactly where to find the latest vacancies. From niche Startup job websites to Startup job fairs and news sites, this section has plenty of sources to track down your ideal role.


Startup Interview

3) Interviewing at Startups

Interviewing at any company is a daunting process, but the non-traditional reputation of the modern Startup can make preparation even more challenging. The interview section aims to address some of the most common candidate concerns and questions, such as; what to wear, what to know and how to prepare.


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