What exactly makes Ireland a tech Hub? Well, firstly we’re home to a huge array of dynamic Irish tech companies and the location of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), headquarters for many of the world’s leading names. There are currently about 80,000 people working in tech nationwide and a further 8,000 IT jobs in Ireland are forecast to open each year.

Dublin’s Silicon Docks is the centre of Ireland’s thriving tech scene, home to high-tech brands Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and waves of on-point startups. The city leads global innovation in embedded tech and was predicted by Intel to become the first “Internet of Things City.”

Tech workers are drawn to Dublin’s triple threat: challenging tech projects, desirable lifestyle gains, and impactful innovation. Perhaps Dublin’s biggest draw is that it strikes arguably the best lifestyle balance of all tech hubs; in fact, a recent report found that Irish employees are the happiest in Europe and the 4th happiest in the world.


There’s only about one week left until our Dublin Tech Job Fair! We’re really happy about we can come over to this dynamic and ever-growing city. And to all of you who are going to join us for the event – here’s the full list of all the companies who are going to be looking for talented employees on the 8th of November!

First of all, though – this year’s Dublin event will take place in WeWork co-working space. Tech Meetups are cooperating with them for many other events, so the choice for our Dublin Tech Job Fair was pretty simple! We’re happy to be there and have them as our hosts – and we’re sure you’ll love them too!


Ergo is the Irelands leading provider of IT services – and it has been for the past 25 years! They’re an industry leader which is in need of a new and fresh talent to join their team. Seeking ambitious candidates, they’ll be eager to speak to you at the event. Do you think you can convince them you’re the right person?


IT Contracting serves one mission – to connect IT talents with the right employees. They understand recruiting in the IT industry better than anyone else, and now they are seeking more employees. Get in touch with them at the fair!


American Express joins us for Dublin as for the fourth autumn event organised by Tech Meetups. We’re super excited to have the industry giant join us and to offer you a chance of becoming one of them. Speak to them in person and see who they’re looking for!


KAL is the leader of software providers for ATMs and bank branch networks. In Dublin, they’re looking for more people to join their company and help it expand. If you think you’ve got what it takes, it might just be the right idea to speak to them in person.


VHI delivers outstanding solutions for healthcare. They’re setting the high standard for it in their country, so if you dream of a career in a company truly helping people, VHI team should be your next target. Talk to them at the fair and ask about their openings!


Prepaid Financial Services delivers their high-end payment technology solutions to their clients. Do you think you can bring additional value to their ambitious team? If you have no doubts you’re the talent they would do with, speak to them at the fair on the 8th of November!


Gempool is a high-end IT recruitment company. They’re coming to our Dublin event to expand their own team so if you think you’ve got what it takes to astound them, go ahead and show them! Your time to do so is the 8th of November!


TopTier recruitment agency usually helps others find the right job or employee, but in Dublin, they’ll be looking for their own talent. Join their team and show them you can make a difference. You’ll have a chance to prove it at the fair, so make sure to find their stand.


Wipro delivers outstanding consulting solutions to their clients and they’re the company which always seeks to grow further. You can grow with them and give your career and speed boost – just make sure you leave your resume at their stand during Dublin Tech Job Fair Event.


If you’re looking for a career based on making other people’s business more successful and modern, Crossvale is the company for you. Join them at our job fair and check out who they’re looking for – you might be just the talent they need.


Noel Group recruits for others across the whole of Ireland, but in Dublin, they seek to expand their own team. Do you think you can join it and show them what you’ve got it? You’ll get a chance to convince them at the fair, so make sure to use it!


Oath is a media and tech company with brands like Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Tumblr, Makers, Ryot, Engadget and Xbox that reaches over 1 billion people worldwide.


Are you ready to start your Dublin job search? There you have it – all these companies will be with us to connect with all eager job seekers. Make sure to prepare for it the right way – check out our job seeker guide, book your last-minute event ticket and get ready for a rapid career growth!