Devops and The Lean Startup

Devops and The Lean Startup

Original post by Matthias Marschall via DZone

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The Lean Startup teaches us to focus on learning about what really works for our customers. It advocates using the scientific method for running data driven experiments in very short cycles. But, continuously running end-to-end experiments need the total cooperation of the entire business. Truly cross-functional teams are required which is also one of the goals of Devops. Let’s take a look how the ideas of The Lean Startup and Devops enrich each other to successfully create product development flow.

Data driven experiments

The Lean Startup methodology starts your product development by formulating a clear hypothesis about which business metrics your new feature should change and how. If you want to add a new “subscribe” button to your homepage, you should first formulate your expectation: “We expect a subscription rate of 0.5%”. When your hypothesis is ready, think about how to measure the results. Now is the time, early in the idea phase, where the core strength of Devops really shines: knowing what to measure and how to measure it. And running feature development as a data driven experiment creates immediate feedback for early collaboration.


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