Lean startup

3 Secrets to the Lean Start-up

Original post by Selena Cuffe via Inc If a small company is disciplined enough not to waste from the get go, it can set itself up to beat the odds and flourish later. Let’s face it. This hyper-consumption society we’re living in is breaking us down. We are voracious spenders, workers, and technology users, often with destructive […]

Devops and The Lean Startup

Original post by Matthias Marschall via DZone The DevOps Zone is presented by DZone with partners including ThoughtWorks Studios andUrbanCode to bring you the most interesting and relevant content on the DevOps movement.  See today’s top DevOps content and be sure to check out ThoughtWorks Studio’s Continuous Delivery Video Series and UrbanCode’s Webinars. The Lean Startup teaches us to focus on learning about what really works for our […]