Fineway: Finding Your Travelling DNA

Fineway is one of the companies which joined us for Munich Tech Job Fair on the 25th of October! Despite the event being behind us already, they’re still looking for more talented people to join their team. Check out the company interview below! Who are the creators of your brand? What do they do in […]

3DEXCITE: Marketing in the Age of Experience

Dream about finding a great job in Munich? Munich Tech Job Fair is the opportunity you shouldn’t miss! Get ready to the big event and in the meanwhile meet 3DEXCITE, one of the great companies that join us. 3DEXCITE embraces the fact that business is changing and transformation never stops. They dedicate every moment to […]

Munich Tech Job Fair 2018 – Close Up On Our Companies

How are ready are you for the Munich Tech Job Fair on the 25th of October? You better get ready, because it’s happening soon and today we’re coming to you with a list of all these companies that are joining us in search of new employees. Have a look below and see if your future […]

NDGIT: the technological backbone for new applications in banking and insurance

The first autumn event  – London Tech Job Fair – is already behind us and we’re looking forward to more! One of the next stops this year is our Munich event and during it, we will meet with with the team of NDGIT who are creating advanced IT solutions for the banking and insurance sectors. […]

Stryber – passionate entrepreneurs who shake things up in the corporate world

We are looking forward to the 25th of October! It is then when Munich will turn into a job-seeking centre for all the candidates and companies hiring new talent. We’re excited about giving them this awesome opportunity to connect. Today, we want you to meet Stryber which is one of the companies coming to the […]