Stryber – passionate entrepreneurs who shake things up in the corporate world

We are looking forward to the 25th of October! It is then when Munich will turn into a job-seeking centre for all the candidates and companies hiring new talent. We’re excited about giving them this awesome opportunity to connect. Today, we want you to meet Stryber which is one of the companies coming to the […]

Wirecard – join the leader of the digital finance services

We are looking forward to 25h of October and our Tech Job Fair Event that will come to Munich. It will be a great opportunity to companies seeking talent and the job seekers alike. One of the companies which will join us there is Wirecard who delivers outstanding financial solutions to their global clients. Today, […]

Reply – Join the team driven by ideas

As the summer slowly heads towards its last days, here at Techmeetups we’re preparing for one awesome autumn. Full of events – such as the one in Munich on the 25th of October. One of the companies that will join us there is Reply. Read their story today and learn who they are – there’s […]

Best European Cities to Work in 2018

Sometimes the best idea you can come up with is to just pack your stuff, say goodbye to your current boss and leave… for another country. As scary as it might be, moving to another place to live opens countless possibilities. Here’s some of the best picks in Europe – check them out! According to […]


1) Get out of the house It’s become too easy to just job search from your computer and it’s easy to forget that there really are many effective ways to progress in your job search outside. 2) Kickstart a dormant job search Sometimes habit and routine are not the best thing. Going to a job […]