Stryber – passionate entrepreneurs who shake things up in the corporate world

Stryber – passionate entrepreneurs who shake things up in the corporate world

We are looking forward to the 25th of October! It is then when Munich will turn into a job-seeking centre for all the candidates and companies hiring new talent. We’re excited about giving them this awesome opportunity to connect. Today, we want you to meet Stryber which is one of the companies coming to the event in search of new employees.

Stryber is a leading company builder. Their primary goal is to help their clients launch new ventures. They do so with their consulting and execution services which they deliver since 2016.

Founded by two long-time friends, Stryber strives to create not only an exemplary brand, but also a fantastic working place for those who join their team.

“Jan and Alex – longtime friends – have founded Stryber in 2016. As former startup founders, strategy consultants and industry managers in corporations that have failed to answer to digital disruptions, they understand the issue from all sides of the table: building a new business from inside a corporation or together with a corporation is just super hard.”, says the company to reveal the history of their founding.

“We have our own way of doing things – we proud ourselves with a politics-free, high caliber and transparent environment for our employees and a down-to-earth and no bullshit attitude towards our clients. If we don’t feel the project has a chance to create an impact, we will not do it.”, they add.

Stryber transforms the ventures they are helping, but they are also here to create an outstanding workplace for their team. A modern office template is what the companies follow in their belief that it’s the employees make up for the company’s success.

When we asked them to describe what is working for them like, they told us:

“We are very much driven by impact and have a “getting shit done” attitude. Politics or hierarchy doesn’t really fit here. We are on a super intense learning trip – everyone is asked to contribute and has a voice. Everyone within Stryber knows where we stand as a company and what our current focus us. We make sure that we have enough face team with each other, e.g. in company events. For instance, we bring our three offices (Zurich, Munich, Kyiv) together twice a year for a weekend. Our company environment is autonomous and result-driven: we will give our team all the freedom they need to perform at their best.”

But what about actual perks and benefits?

“Apart from a fair salary, we offer a state-of-the-art workplace (e.g. our Munich office is at WeWork), “Apple porn” equipment, inspiring colleagues, fun team events and a no bullshit, down-to-earth, yet high calibre work environment. The biggest plus is the opportunity to learn and to grow with us as we are pushing the boundary of corporate innovation.”, explains the company.

How does that sound to you? If you think you’d fit in their team, get your free job seeker ticket right here and meet them in person!

You can also learn more about Stryber by visiting their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!