3DEXCITE: Marketing in the Age of Experience

3DEXCITE: Marketing in the Age of Experience

Dream about finding a great job in Munich? Munich Tech Job Fair is the opportunity you shouldn’t miss! Get ready to the big event and in the meanwhile meet 3DEXCITE, one of the great companies that join us.

3DEXCITE embraces the fact that business is changing and transformation never stops. They dedicate every moment to navigating the digital horizon and are obsessed with defining the future, today. Who do you think 3DEXCITE is? This company is more than just software. They are the disruptors, rebels, techies, geeks, artists, futurists, digital fanatics, visual provocateurs, marketing mavericks, strategists, consultants, business partners, revolutionaries, anarchists & platform pioneers. As social creatures, they live for engagement, feedback, sharing, collaboration and networking. The team thrives on diversity. They are Europe, Asia and the Americas. The sun never sets at 3DEXCITE and they are always ON and always CONNECTED – with their feet firmly planted in the CLOUD.

With over 750 employees at 15 offices worldwide, they have first-class creative and technical gurus shaping the product marketing landscape and partnering with agencies to leverage innovative solutions for their end-clients across industries. Their colleagues represent more than 50 different nationalities in total. The conversation is always interesting and the engagement is always rich.

3DEXCITE is looking for new talents to join them and imagine new horizons. Do you think you fit the team? Then grab your tickets for Munich Tech Job Fair, meet them in person and show what you can do!

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!