NDGIT: the technological backbone for new applications in banking and insurance

NDGIT: the technological backbone for new applications in banking and insurance

The first autumn event  – London Tech Job Fair – is already behind us and we’re looking forward to more! One of the next stops this year is our Munich event and during it, we will meet with with the team of NDGIT who are creating advanced IT solutions for the banking and insurance sectors. Curious to learn more? Today we’re coming to you with their brand story!

“In 2017, NDGIT implemented the first Open Banking system in Switzerland and was honored with the Euro Finance Tech Award 2017 for the best cooperation between a bank and FinTech”, says the company proud from their achievements. But who are they and what do they do? What’s the benefit for you in working with them? This and much more reveal the answers we’ve got from NDGIT team.

“We provide our API platform for banking and insurance and aim to connect banks and FinTech companies with digital ecosystems. Our technology enables banks to open themselves up to digital partners with Open Banking APIs. In this way, the NDGIT FinTech platform forms the technological backbone for new applications and IT landscapes in banking and insurance”, they explain.

As is expected, success of such a company cannot come without the support and effort within the team itself.

“Each of our employees is an important member of the team. We are always open for new ideas in developing and improving the work of our company. We have a warm working atmosphere, enthusiastic colleagues with a good sense of humor and regular exciting team events”, NDGIT describes their company culture.

So what are you waiting for? Meet NDGIT team personally during Munich Tech Job Fair! You can book your free ticket here, so go ahead and do it now!
And if you want to learn more about the company, visit their website and LinkedIn!