How to organize a hackathon: 6 key tips

Original post by Lyndsey Gilpin via TechRepublic Thinking about organizing a hackathon to power up new innovations? Read these tips to make sure you host a fun, impactful event.  Hackathons have taken the world by storm, happening all over the globe and across many different industries. The events, which typically last between a full day and […]

This 23-Year-Old Built and Sold His Startup While in School – Here’s How He Did It

Original post by First Round Review  From the moment Dan Shipper (on the left, above) stepped foot on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, he knew he wanted to learn how to build a real software business with paying customers and steady revenue. He passed with flying colors last month when he both graduated from school and sold his company Firefly (the […]

Seven Steps to Hackathon Success

Original post by Ryan Jarvinen via Openshift Hackathons are coding competitions that take place over a fixed period of time – If you are at one now, then you clearly don’t have time to read lengthy introductions, Skip directly to the checklist below! Judging and awards are frequently offered as incentives at the close of these events. Although, […]

14 top tips for hackathon success

By  Kirsty.Cooke  Taking part in a hack day? As we have recently emerged, triumphant but tired, from a pretty successful hacking event, the FusePump team are pleased to present this handy guide for hackathon victory… 1. Know your client The FusePump Hackathon was carried out in partnership with an existing client, Chain Reaction Cycles. (We used their data […]

The first step in planning a successful hackathon

By  Dave Fontenot  People come to me all the time expressing interest in throwing their own hackathon. It’s nearly always a great idea to throw a hackathon. The hard part is actually doing it right. The first and most important step in planning a successful hackathon: The Team, The Team, The Team You’ll need to […]