10 tips for hackathon success

Original post by Nate Aune,appsembler If you’ve never been to a hackathon, they are typically a 24-48 hour event during which time your team needs to build a working prototype for a product, usually a web or mobile app, but some teams build actual hardware devices. I’ve been to a lot of these hackathons, and have […]

Have a computer problem? The solution may be a hackathon.

Original post by Herald Sun CAN winning ideas be pulled out of the air? Can creativity be grown? Well I’ve got a new word for you to learn: the hackathon. In the decade since it was coined, the idea has started to take off, big-time. The word is a combination of hacking – as in […]

Amazon’s AWS Now Offers A Push Notification Service For iOS, Android And Kindle Apps, Widening Its Toolkit For Mobile Developers

Original post by INGRID LUNDEN via TC Amazon continues to “push” further into the space of becoming a one-stop shop for mobile developers looking to make, host and distribute apps, and in the latest development, today the company’s Amazon Web Services divisionannounced the launch of SNS Mobile Push, which lets developers set up and send notifications — those little […]

@Amazon divisions @AmazonKindle & @AwsCloud join forces and partners with @Techmeetups to organise a twin city #Hackathon (#TMUHack) in #London & #Berlin

Global giant Amazon has chosen to work with Techmeetups to organise its first twin city Hackathon In Europe. The Hackathon will be held in europe’s two most exciting tech hubs – Tech city or London Silicon Roundabout as we like to call it and Berlin’s Silicon Allee. This time around Amazons consumer products division makers […]

Hackathon links humanities and sciences

Original post by UW-Madison Jillian Sayre contends that Herman Melville’s whaling ship Pequod and its encounters with other boats at sea may have toted meaning beyond the characters onboard. An associate lecturer of English at UW–Madison, Sayre is using computing in innovative ways to glean new insight from the literary classic “Moby Dick,” examining whether networks of […]