Think Hiring Is Tough In The Valley? Now Europe Joins The Talent Wars

Original post by MIKE BUTCHER via TC Despite some of the froth being blown off following the rocky Facebook IPO, it remains the case that talent and hiring are a big issue in the Valley. And you may not know this, but for a long time Europeans looked onward to the U.S. and thought to themselves, “Ha! […]

Ask the consultant: How to get working capital for a young business

Original post by StarTribune QOur two-year-old company has young owners who have no assets to collateralize. What are the best ways and practices to get working capital for a business without giving up equity? ANDREW KITZENBERG, Founder/president of Memory on Hand, AThe challenge of financing a start-up is huge. Early stage equity is expensive […]

How To Write A Startup Marketing Plan

Original post by Michael Troiano via Bostinno When someone asks you for a Marketing Plan, your first instinct will be to create a laundry list of things you think it makes sense to do. If you’re any good you’ll define budgets for each line item on your list, and eventually you’ll convert that list into a 63-slide […]