6 Questions to Ask Yourself when Bootstrapping Your Startup Design

Original post by Mike Abasov via MARKETING before FUNDING Here’s a question I know a lot of startup founders have: How the heck do I design my product, my website, my logo, and all that other stuff without handing over $40,000 to a fancy design studio? Sure, you may word it differently, but the meaning stays […]

Is College Still Worth It?

Original post by Degree Jungle A question sparking debates as tuition rates spiral out of control and unemployment for college grads hits record levels. Is a college degree worth it? For many the value of a degree is not just the earnings impact over a lifetime but the experiences and personal development that occur during these […]

Lifebook secures £1.6m from Octopus Investments

Original post by Ryan Platt, Growing Business. Professional autobiography service Lifebook has secured £1.6m in early stage funding from venture capital group Octopus Investments, it was announced yesterday. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Roy U Moed, Lifebook offers its customers a ghostwritten autobiography service conducted through interviews and consultations. The company claims that the experience […]