Announcing the #TechStartupJobs Fair on 11 September 2012, London

If you’re spending these rare sunny summer days thinking about how you can ramp up your team – then start planning towards 11 September when TechStartupJobs will be hosting our bi-annual Jobs Fair! Following on from our Jobs Fair in January where 300 attendees came to see the innovative projects that London’s startups are working […]

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5 reasons your startup isn’t ready for crowdfunding

Original post by VB Now let’s get one thing straight from the start: I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the number of similar crowdfunding sites that have sprung up recently to provide capital directly to exciting business ideas. There’s something very “American Dream” about being able to build one-on-one engagement with consumers — not to mention how […]

10 Ways Startups Can Track Trends: And Why It’s So Important

Original post by RIEVA LESONSKY via ReadWriteWeb Staying on top of trends is key to any startup’s success. Spotting trends early makes it possible tocome up with smart startup ideas – or modify your startup plans to jump on a new trend just as it takes off. Just as most important, you can avoid the risk of […]

Kevin Rose reflects on Digg, the dangers of outside investors, and his legacy

Original post by Eliza Kern via GIGAOM Members of the media pointed to the $500,000 sale of Digg’s assets as a fall from grace for one of the web’s original social sites. Founder Kevin Rose, now at Google Ventures, looks back on what he learned and how he’d like to be seen. By the time Digg was […]

5 Best (and Worst) Places in the U.S. To Find a Tech Job

5 Best (and Worst) Places in the U.S. To Find a Tech Job

Original post by DAVE COPELAND via ReadWriteWeb SimplyHired bases its ranking on the number of tech job openings compared to the number of people who are working in the region. The numbers below are based on metropolitan areas as defined by the U.S. census bureau. 1. Baltimore, Maryland (46,150 people employed, 14,093 tech job openings): Hunter Sherman, the chief […]