Best practices for using LinkedIn to grow your startup

Best practices for using LinkedIn to grow your startup

Original post by Tara Hornor via marketingtechnews

Growing your startup using LinkedIn is a “practice makes perfect” recipe. The key ingredient is, and always will be, to be helpful and useful to others first.

Once you present yourself and your product, infuse yourself into the mix of LinkedIn. Study others. Spy their business needs and wants, and blend in with the following ingredients:

Help yourself by helping others

As the old saying goes: “If you want friends, you have to be friendly”. If you are an expert in an area, provide some of your understanding and know-how.

Advertise your ideas. Little tips and tales based on your knowledge will travel and resonate. LinkedIn will link you and your business to others with the need for this knowledge.

If others ask questions that you can answer, answer those questions. Be focused, though. Don’t get caught up in petty politics and other subjects outside the scope of your expertise. The key is to provide answers to questions and people will want to connect to you.

For startups, this can be a critical source of new customers and encouragement. It’s always helpful to find others who appreciate your help and may be able to connect you with someone in their list of connections who can help you in return.



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