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Abolish The Reference Check

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Original post by NIR EYAL via TC It’s time to abolish the reference check. The unpleasant process of calling up a job applicant’s former boss to gab about the candidate’s pluses and “deltas” is just silly. Maybe if we all just agree to stop doing it the practice... Read more »

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Facebook, LinkedIn challenge employers

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Original post by Technology has changed the game for today's job-seekers: candidates are searching on websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and asking employers questions using Twitter or a smartphone application, or app. Companies, for their part, are... Read more »

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Media And Tech Startups Drive Manhattan Office Surge: Report

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Original post by Huffington Post (Reuters) - Manhattan, arguably the financial capital of the world, has media and technology companies to thank rather than banks for its improving office market, according to a report real estate services company CBRE Group Inc (CBG.N)... Read more »

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6 Reasons to Move to New York City

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Original post by dave zohrob New York City lacks the startup density of Silicon Valley, but there are plenty of reasons to start your next company here: 1. A great (and growing) startup scene. Soho, Union Square and the Flat­iron district form the new Silicon Alley,... Read more »

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An Icelandic startup using London’s Tech City as a launchpad –my talk at the British Embassy in Brussels

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Original post by Geir Freysson  I had the pleasure of being invited to give a talk to a selection of some of the most exciting technology companies in Belgium and Luxembourg at the British Embassy in Brussels along with Richard Barnes the deputy mayor of London (who... Read more »

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Creepy Facebook, No More Wallets, and NYC Tech Rising:Predictions for the Internet in 2012

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Creepy Facebook, No More Wallets, and NYC Tech Rising:Predictions for the Internet in 2012

Original post by BetaBeat [caption id="attachment_4473" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Soon, there will be no results when we search "wallet" in Google images. ("][/caption] Predictions! What do New York techies think will... Read more »

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Original post by BusinessWeekly Cambridge angel and tech entrepreneur Sherry Coutu hammered home the importance for startups to harness their ventures to the right mentors and investors from Day One when she addressed a Tech Entrepreneurs Week summit in London. Business... Read more »

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City tech startups give Wall St. run for its money

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Original post by PHYLLIS FURMAN via NYDailyNews Ex-financial services execs launch tech companies in N.Y. [caption id="attachment_4275" align="aligncenter" width="485" caption="Jon Stein is founder and CEO of, an online brokerage firm based in... Read more »

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Interview with Andrew Humphries, UK’s Tech City

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Original post by Travis Oberlander via socaltech (Editor’s note: Los Angeles has always had strong ties to business in the UK, and the UK government has been very active in reaching out to Los Angeles technology firms in recent years. On the invitation of UK Trade... Read more »

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David Cameron unveils Tech City Map

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David Cameron unveils Tech City Map

Original post by Olivia Solon via WIRED The Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled a new Tech City Map plotting the 600 technology businesses in the East London area. Tech City Map, created by developers at Trampoline Systems and designed by Playgen, pulls in streams... Read more »

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