Why Tech Meets Are Vital for the Online Gaming Industry

Why Tech Meets Are Vital for the Online Gaming Industry

Tech meets are happening all the time, with recruitment, idea sharing, networking and management all on the agenda somewhere.

Any industry needs to have these meetups and share experiences to develop and evolve their business. Recently, the tech industry has gone through an unprecedented period, which PR Newswire reports have resulted in an explosion in 2021. That is evident within the online gaming sector, which saw the European gaming market revenue increase by 7%, despite the sports wager industry losing 23% due to event cancellations.

Within the industry, there has been a huge swing towards gaming at home, whether that is online casinos, sports wagers or eSports, with technology increasing at a similarly exciting rate. That led the Hipther Agency to organise meetups worldwide to discuss a variety of topics linked to the subject, including Online Casinos, Esports, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and VR/AR. Why is it that this industry, more than most, should benefit from events worldwide?

The iGaming industry, which incorporates online slots, casinos and the like, is fast-moving and very reactive. Over the past few months, the world has seen lots of movement around cryptocurrency, and within the iGaming sector, it is an area that needs to be clearly understood. Mint explains it has recent taken a plunge, but there is every hope that could change, and quickly. Within the iGaming sector, numerous operators added crypto payment methods to their sites. However, it is such a fast-moving currency that regular meetups and discussions are the only tangible way to get honest and direct feedback and opinion from industry peers.

The iGaming market as a whole is so reactive and varied that understanding what your peers are doing is vital to stay one step ahead, whether a developer or programmer. The same goes for partnering up – European Gaming explains how two significant players within the sector came together to develop a new market together, bringing new games to a new country. Again, changing market forces means the landscape alters very quickly, and regular tech meetups ensure those interested remain informed of these changes.

The wide variety of games on offer with providers also means there is lots of data gathered on player presences and industry trends and to understand the market to get ahead. Online developers almost always have a ‘new games’ section, showcasing their new titles. Gala Spins have several new games, including Robin Nottingham Raiders and Suncatcher Gigablox. These represent new trends from the provider, trying new themed slots to draw in and retain customers. Within the broader iGaming industry, when one provider finds success with a theme or genre of game, the others follow suit. But why? Because people meet up, discuss ideas and talk about what is or is not popular. If one slot works well for a provider, it is not uncommon to see similarly-themed games popping up elsewhere. Sometimes, understanding other ideas coming out of the industry can help you grow your product.

Then there’s the tech side of the industry, the unseen geniuses that create these games, code them and develop them around innovations such as 5G and VR/AR. In our article on Employment and Labour Markets in 2021, we discussed the importance of monitoring trends within the employment market. That is one aspect of the industry meetups that certainly help with.

The often highly skilled and sought-after individuals in the sector might work in one niche area, so regular tech meetups are vital for their development. They need to remain informed of market trends outside of their niche coding games, whilst potential employers will be served in meetups by getting connected with the talent out there, and selling themselves as forward-thinking, innovative companies willing to embrace technology and offer a dynamic place to work.

Essentially, regular tech meetups are critical in greasing the wheels of the industry, keeping ideas, talent and progression moving at a steady pace by sharing information and trends both in person and virtually.