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Bootstrapping a Startup is a State of Mind

Original post by Paresh Patel via Vendscreen Startup Funding Strategies: Bootstrapping vs. Venture Funding Recently Glenn and I were  speaking with a fellow entrepreneur regarding funding startups andbootstrapping. I said, “Glenn and I have done it both ways. We have bootstrapped prior startups and now we’ve gotten outside capital with VendScreen.” Spending Other People’s Money I […]

Connection Point

Startups help users find their social connections via search, real-time mapping

Original post by Peter Delevett via Mercury News You’ve got 600 Facebook friends, 800 Twitter followers and 350 people in your Google (GOOG)+ circles. How do you keep track of so many people? A growing number of startups is here to help. Thanks to the geo-location feature built into Apple (AAPL) and Android smartphones, services such as Banjo and Glassmap can tell when someone in […]


Set Software Engineering Contractor Rates Right

Original post by CATHERINE POWELL via Dice Software engineers make a pretty good living, when working for an employer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaried computer programmers earn about $34.92 per hour on average. That’s roughly $72,630 per year. But when employees look at how much their friends are making as computer programming contractors, consulting […]

Silicon Alley Building

Silicon Alley A to Z

Original post by Elizabeth MacBride via crainsnewyork A Angels They are the Wall Streeters, the serial entrepreneurs and other deep pockets who are driving seed- and early-stage funding in Silicon Alley, shelling out millions to get in on the first days of the next Google or Facebook. They’re investing alongside established venture capitalists and, in some cases, drawing […]


Big Data to create a new boom in job market

Original post by Times of India BANGALORE: The ‘Big Data’ industry – the ability to access, analyze and use humungous volumes of data through specific technology – will require a whole new army of data workers globally. India itself will require a minimum of 1,00,000 data scientists in the next couple of years, in addition […]


A Google Panel on Startups as Merkel Meets Tech Stars

Original post by David Knight via Silicon Allee State assistance for the startup scene was one of the topics touched on at the first Google panel discussion in Berlin on Monday evening, on the same day that a group of tech heavyweights met with Angela Merkel. Conrad Fritzsch of, Gründerszene editor Joel Kaczmarek and Nicolas Zimmer, state secretary for economics, technology and research […]

Cloudbase new

TechMeetups CloudBase event focuses on PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS is poised to gain some serious traction this year. This is due to some of the big names stepping in from with its $212m purchase of Heroku (to the mighty Oracle planning to announce its own foray into the PAAS world with its Java Cloud Service. Of course who can forget Azure – […]


Google Chrome OS computers updated with faster processors

Original post by Leo Kelion via BBC Google has announced new computers running on its Chrome operating system. The Samsung-manufactured laptop and desktop PCs include processors based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge technology, addressing criticism that the launch models were underpowered. Chrome-based computers run all their applications through the firm’s web browser and store their files online. […]


MongoDB database creator 10gen grabs a whopping $42M from NEA, Sequoia, others

Original post by Sean Ludwig via VB 10gen, the startup that created the popular MongoDB open-source data application, has raised a new $42 million round of funding to improve its data-harnessing technology and build out its team. The New York- and Palo Alto-based company generates most of its revenue by offering support, training, and consultation for MongoDB. Customers come […]


The great IT talent war waging in London

Original post by Alex Derber via LondonLovesBusiness Internet giants are up against blue chips and start-ups in the hunt for talent – can London’s IT pool keep up? Like industrialisation before it, the computer revolution allowed companies to do more with less, but just as the steam-powered economy relied on engineers, modern business turns to IT […]