YourArtBay: Connecting Art Enthusiasts

YourArtBay: Connecting Art Enthusiasts

YourArtBay Ltd. founder, Raj Agrawal, will be presenting his company to the London Silicon Roundabout community at TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night# London March 2013 on March 26 at Club Workspace. #TMUDrinks

Art Asset Building

There is a long history of individuals and retailers actively trading old masterpieces, paintings, classical sculptures, ceramics, drawings or buying antique furniture and upmarket collectibles. However, there has been little interest from the general public in art asset building, as opposed to real estate, bonds, company shares, gold or other such forms of assets. The reasons for this are lack of knowledge, high liquidity requirements or no understanding of how and where to start.

Art is currently reserved for the pleasure of high net worth individuals and industry experts. What is more, an artist or art owner will pay anything between 40% to 60% in commission to galleries, auction houses or agents for selling.

Connecting Art Enthusiasts

YourArtBay adds value for both sellers & buyers. It connects sellers of art with a crowd of buyers who contribute small amounts of funding for collective equity in artwork for both short & long term asset building opportunities. It is a people’s platform to buy & sell shares in art & antiques.

On YourArtBay, sellers do not pay any commission for selling. They simply create a Pitch; the platform takes care of reviewing and facilitateting independent valuation, checking the authenticity of the work of art, and once it has been approved it is ready to be sold.

The small-time financer, art lover or collector can afford a piece of the art asset building action by purchasing affordable equity in a work of art that arouses his or her interest. For the buyer too, we facilitate the insurance and storage of work of art; also art could be displayed in people’s gallery “YourArtBay” in near future. YourArtBay is an easy, simple, but effective asset building and diversification platform involving little effort and reduced risk.

Art is the perfect medium to create a discussion topic with friends and acquaintances, and the enjoyment becomes so much more satisfying and pleasurable when you own it.

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