Top 5 Tips for Presenting at Hackathons

Top 5 Tips for Presenting at Hackathons

Original post by Randy Ksar via DJKSAR

I attended the Sprint developer hackathon this week and the one skill set that was missing in 80% of the teams were presenting skills. Here are a few recommendations on how to present at a hackathons based upon my talks at conferences, Toastmasters classes and attending several events over the past 8 years:

1. Make sure your hack is ready to be displayed
Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But what I am saying is getting “all your ducks in a row”. Make sure the smartphone is ready or your computer is setup to be displayed on the projector. So many times I watch these presentations that are only allowed 3 minutes and it takes 2 minutes to get setup. Be prepared, get in line so you can present right when the timer starts and practice your demo.

2. Don’t rely on wifi
Like you might know, wifi at a conference is not reliable. I’ve had times where right at the last minute wifi doesn’t work and I’m wasting a few minutes of my 3 minute time slot trying to connect. If you can build a p2p app or wifi direct using the Android SDK then do it!

3. State the issue/problem and show how your hack solves it

Not all hacks need to have slides but prepare your presentation from an organizational standpoint.  Make sure that you state the issue that is out there in the industry/world and how you went about solving it.


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