The Top 5 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2015

The Top 5 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2015

Original post by AARON SKONNARD via INC

It’s no secret that the tech industry pays well. In fact, it’s one of the highest-paying industries in America. If in doubt, just check out Glassdoor’s just-released report of the 25 Highest Paying Jobs in Demand. Tech-related jobs dominated this inaugural list of lucrative opportunities, snapping up 14 of the 25 positions identified. Ten of those positions pay more than $100,000 a year.


But which technology posts offer the biggest bucks in 2015? Let’s take a look at this year’s hottest jobs that will leave you sitting pretty when it comes to commanding an impressive income.

  • Data scientist. Mashable pegs expertise in big data, data mining, predictive analytics, and structured data modeling as must-have skills for those who want to top tech’s salary charts. According to the site, data scientists can expect to rake in around $150K annually, making them among the most expensive tech pros on the market. While different industry rankings show some variation in this position’s annual salary, the estimates generally reach six figures. Glassdoor’s report lists data scientist as one of the highest-paying tech jobs, but puts the average base salary at closer to $105K. Some of the discrepancy may be due to the level of position. notes that the entry-level position based on data from has a median pay of $97,600, while the mid-level role has a median salary of $134K.
  • Data architect. If you have expertise in big data, another way to use your skills to make big money is to land a position as a data architect. This role–also sometimes called data modeler–involves using applied mathematics to create database systems, constructing storage and archival systems for information. Data architects also work on improving the data transfer between these systems. How much does it pay? It depends which source you refer to, but the numbers are up there any way you slice them. lists data architect as one of nine high-paying tech jobs, listing the annual median salary at just over $100K. But according to Information Week, the position was one of the best-paying titles of 2014, and can command upwards of $153.7K.
  • Ruby on Rails developer. The upper echelon of pay in the programming world can be found via Ruby on Rails, an open-source web framework. Mashable states that Ruby on Rails developers currently top U.S. charts for the highest pay in the nation for programmers, with annual salary expectations around $147,000. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must be an expert in Ruby language–but it’s something anyone can learn with training. The recent partnership between Code School and Pluralsight offers a great starting point for those who aspire to this career.