The only startup advice I ever give #sundayschool

The only startup advice I ever give #sundayschool

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Get a puppy

This post will make you smile.

I am sure of this because the subject of this post (our puppy Nico) is already our best sales guy and most loved teammate. I have no doubt readers will love him too.

Nico joined the team 6 months back and, if I’ve learned anything about startups, it’s this: get a puppy.

  1. Puppies make teams happy
  2. Puppies build culture
  3. Puppies help you sell
  4. Puppies make sure teams take breaks
  5. Puppies get up early — and make sure you’re up early
  6. Puppies never ask how things are going
  7. Puppies like to celebrate the wins (or anything really)
  8. Puppies stand by you

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