Ten Development Environments That Won’t Go Away

Ten Development Environments That Won’t Go Away

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If you code for a living, you know the world’s become very much about adapting or dying. But: The truth is that some development technologies just don’t die. In fact, TechRepublic’s Justin James has come up with a list of ten, along with his interesting commentary.

  1. COBOL: “There are millions of lines of COBOL code out there powering banks and insurance companies and other mission-critical systems that handle massive amounts of data. Many of these systems will be in services for decades if not centuries without replacement.”
  2. VBA: “A lot of systems that use VBA, VBScript, or VB6 (all related technologies) are outdated. But VBA is still the macro language for Microsoft Office, and plenty of people depend upon it to do their jobs.”
  3. .NET WinForms: “The fast rise of .NET meant that tons of WinForms applications were built — and they will be maintained for a long time, just like the VB6 applications out there.”
  4. Flash: “While Flash still is everywhere, HTML5 threatens to push it out of its spot for rich Web development. Even so, there will be existing Flash work out there for ages, and it will be maintained and extended.”



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