TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night! #TMUdrinks

TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night! #TMUdrinks

For every community to refresh and innovate itself, innovative and fresh ideas are demanded and so was it at the TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night at 6.00 pm on the 25th June, organized in the heart of  London’s financial district, Canary Wharf, in Level 39.

Level 39, Europe’s largest accelerator space for finance, retail and future cities technology companies has been an excellent platform for high potential entrepreneurs in the same space as some influential technology buyers and investors to deliver their innovative ideas and new-age technologies in an attempt to accelerate their traction and access to markets.


The Founder of TechMeetups, Mr Shawn Ghosh, kick started the event with a fabulous introduction of how TechStartupFund has been setup offering Startup loans and Crowd Funding from the TechMeetups community to help Startups turns their ideas into sustainable businesses.


Great presentations were made by Saul Cullen from Paymill.  Paymill offers the easiest way to technically integrate one time payments or subscriptions into a website.  Following that, there was Steve Lemon from The Currency Cloud. The Currency Cloud takes care of the complexities of accessing foreign exchange liquidity and payment networks. Also, Luke Land from Crowdcube.  Crowdcube helps startup and growing businesses to raise business finance by letting people invest via their crowdfunding platform.  Dan Crowley from Fundapps demonstrating how the business is bringing cloud based compliance and risk monitoring to the fund industry.  There was also Jono Hey from Nutmeg where Nutmeg involves building and managing investment portfolio. And lastly Dennis Jones from Judo Payments explaining how businesses can build their own mobile payment solution with judo’s RESTful API’s for iOS and Android.

With a room full with people having an entrepreneurial spirit, it gave the presenters the opportunity to present in one of the most vibrant atmosphere of Drinks and Demo Night.

At the end of the event, drinks were served.  Everyone interacted with each other enthusiastically, strengthening the bond between entrepreneurs, techies, community members and TechMeetups, the bastion of support for all the new entrepreneurs’ endeavors.  The rather festive atmosphere made networking really pleasant.

The TechMeetups FinTech Drinks & Demo Night was well-received and response was excellent.  Not only did members turn up to be updated on the innovation happening in fintech and interact with one another, non-members turned up to sign up as members as well.


As the event settles down and entrepreneurs begin their fruitful work, let’s watch out for the next event the Startup Clinic happening at the CASS business school on the 9th of July 2013.  As for those who missed the FinTech Drinks & Demo Night even, time to register for the next one to be held on the 16th of September 2013 at Bloomberg.


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