Teamleader – Grow, learn, make an impact

Teamleader – Grow, learn, make an impact

If you’re looking for an example of a fast-growing company that took advantage of every given opportunity – look no further! Here’s Teamleader. Not only do they design an awesome CRM software for small and medium business, they also create a high-tier working place. You’ll get to talk to them during upcoming Lisbon Tech Job Fair, so get to know who they are!

It’s all about the company culture. Teamleader embraces the collaborative effort, brainstorming, growth and energy. Feedback is a good thing that pushes you forward and learning opportunities can be found around every corner. The company makes use of it and wants you to do the same as their employee. Chances to develop wait for you in every department, so if you want to step outside your current specialisation, why not?

Teamleader is created by mainly young people. They’re proud of the fact that an average of their age is below 30 and they benefit from the energy and learning capabilities of the young people, even with little experience. As long as you’re up for learning and full of good ideas, you’re welcome aboard.

Don’t forget about the importance of human relations, because in Teamleader, they’re vital. The company strives to turn their office into a meeting place for friends rather than colleagues. Plenty of get-togethers, social activities, training, courses and outdoor activities help to create a business family that shares the same goals and values. Happy employees mean successful business and Teamleader mastered that idea.

And yet, you don’t have to believe our word only. You’ll get a chance to meet with Teamleader employees several times this year. The company already took part in our Amsterdam Tech Job Fair, and they’re only warming up! Ahead of us are still events in Lisbon, Berlin and Paris and during each, you can chat about Teamleader’s software, company, plans for future and vacancies. Don’t waste time, pick your event and book your free jobseeker ticket now 

If you want to learn more about the company, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!