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Barcelona: The Best Place To Start Your Career

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Europe. You’ll see excellent modern architecture around the city. Others say that it is the best place to start your career. We’re glad to say that in this city, you have the chance to get your dream job because this 4th of April, we […]

Working at Optics.io in Barcelona - Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2019

Working at Opticks.io in Barcelona

Opticks is coming to the Barcelona Tech Job Fair! Be sure to sign up to get your dream job! Here are some of the questions that Optics was glad to answer. Let’s take a look at the nature of their business. What’s the story behind the creation of your company? Opticks was created by a […]

Hesehus - The Place To Be - Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2019

Hesehus: The Place To Be

From Berlin, we will now travel to Barcelona for our Tech Job Fair. And once again, several companies will be there to join us. They have job vacancies which you might be interested to check. Maybe, this event can finally help you get hired by your dream company. We are always proud to introduce each […]

BMAT- Creating A Brighter Future For Music

We know the struggle of finding a job, and getting yourself on board might be one of those challenges you will face in attaining your dreams. Let go of your worries today! We are excited to share that our Barcelona Tech Job Fair will happen on the 4th of April. Companies will be joining us […]