BMAT- Creating A Brighter Future For Music

BMAT- Creating A Brighter Future For Music

We know the struggle of finding a job, and getting yourself on board might be one of those challenges you will face in attaining your dreams.

Let go of your worries today! We are excited to share that our Barcelona Tech Job Fair will happen on the 4th of April. Companies will be joining us waiting for job seekers to fill their vacancies. And today, we want to introduce you to the group of people who have the passion for music- BMAT!

BMAT started in 2005. For them, music is a lady that makes their lives a zillion times better. And because of this, they want to return the favour by making her (music) life easier, and give her a brighter future. And to achieve this goal, they apply their scientific, data-infused brains to tell everyone what music has been played – so that creators get the recognition they deserve.

Continue reading to know more about their working place, office rituals and more!  Sign up here and get ready to meet their team in person at our Tech Job Fair in Barcelona.

  1. What do you do make your workplace stand out?

Our people make of BMAT something special.  We’re open-minded and well travelled, coming from all parts of the world. Currently, we are 115 people serving 82 countries from 12 offices: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Lima, Brussels, London, Oslo, Paris, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul.

We like coffee, tea, chai, and mate all the same. We’ve got rappers, producers, cello players, DJs, and songwriters.

We all have a clear common mission: Make the music world fairer.

  1. Do you have office rituals? Like meetings held every morning, social breakfasts or others?

Every Monday we get together and have a short meeting where we share updates, news and market trends.

In addition, in our kitchen, you can find fresh fruits, the best coffee and tea.  We love to go there and have a chat while enjoying some food or beverages.

On Friday’s afternoon, we join forces in our Jam Sessions and share some beers and snacks.

Every 3 months we have a Q party, which is an event where (among other things) we set our personal and team objectives aligned with the company’s strategy. Going out on the town for our Q party is something we do when not dealing with Metadata.

  1.  What can a new employee count on in your company? What’s their onboarding like?

We want to ensure a smooth integration to our company so we make sure everyone feels welcome.

All information needed as well as the first-week agenda is sent to the candidate prior to his/her first day.

Moreover, during the first weeks, new joiners have different on the job training.

  1. What’s your company structure? Do you have a hierarchy or prefer a flat model? How big are your teams, if you form any?

At BMAT we are a startup (well, we are already 80+ but we have the startup heart) so we enjoy working in a flat hierarchy, in teams, with autonomy and full flexibility!

Find out what they can offer you. Many opportunities are waiting for you at this event. Create your schedule now and make sure not to miss this year’s Barcelona Tech Job Fair.

Visit their website for more details. Check out their Twitter and LinkedIn to get their latest updates.

See you soon!