Site Morph: Put us to the test and see what we can do …

Site Morph: Put us to the test and see what we can do …

Damien Allison will be Presenting Site Morph at TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! London May 2013 #TMUdrinks on 23rd May at Club Workspace

Presenter: Damien Allison

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Damien founded SiteMorph in 2011 and later went on to launch the first version of the site in mid 2012. Damien has worked at a number of super brand companies including Google, HP, eBay, and BT. As well as technical leadership Damien also brings years of experience covering big data, machine learning, technology leadership, online marketing, tech-strategy and research


About Company

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Site Morph is a collection of web apps for marketing, engagement and conversion optimisation, created for website owners to help them grow their site. The apps work using data from Google analytics and inspecting the site.




About Product:

Site Morph has an MVP around approximately ten apps across a broad range of areas like SEM, landing page optimisation and conversion optimisation based on the experience of the team as consultants in those fields.


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