Selling Your Company to Tech Talent at Your Next Job Fair

Selling Your Company to Tech Talent at Your Next Job Fair

Original post by Elizabeth Magill

While a great deal of the job market remains sluggish – with far more applicants than qualified openings – the tech market has a different tale to tell. The search for top tech talent can feel like an angler trying to reel in an elusive Blue Marlin. You know how it goes. The only sound is that of crickets chirping.

If your goal is to attract top-tier IT employees to your business, you have to sell your business and the opportunity available. Highlight the things that make your business a great place to work. If you don’t have a competitive edge when it comes to benefits and work environment, it’s time to rebrand your business as a great place for employees.

Here are a few critical elements to bring in talented tech employees.

Make Your Presence Noteworthy

Job fairs are marathon sessions for job seekers. It’s one long day of booth after booth of opportunities for applicants. Your role is to stand out from the crowd. Offer exciting giveaways that include your business logo and name and play videos showcasing business features likely to appeal specifically to the technically talented people you’re most interested in attracting.

Incorporate Social Media into Your Recruitment Efforts

You’re doing business in a mobile and social world. In the tech field, of all fields, it pays to show your business as one that’s on the edge when it comes to technology. This lets job seekers know you are poised to be a major player as the world of technology shifts to a more mobile platform.

At the very least, incorporate LinkedIn and Facebook into your recruitment efforts. Better yet, add Twitter and Pinterest to the mix.

Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s important to hook the talented players you want to bring into your business right away. Don’t let your competitors get wind of them. Set up appointments and interviews within 48 hours whenever possible. This gets a commitment from the applicant to give your organization a chance. It also gives you an opportunity to see how well the candidate translates from resume to person.

Have Someone Available to Work the Room

For the best results at the next job fair, have more than one person in attendance. You must have a team available to manage the booth, and others need to be free to work the crowd.

Face it: Not everyone is going to make it around to your booth. Others might pass your booth up in favor of booths with smaller crowds or simply because they haven’t heard of your business yet. Working the room gives you the opportunity to approach people who exhibit characteristics you’d like to bring on board. You get the opportunity to approach the talent you seek.

Job fairs are a great way to find outstanding tech talent. In order to get maximum potential for your efforts however, you must be able to identify the talent you seek quickly. You must also have a hook big enough to draw that talent to your business. These tips should help reel in more of the elusive big tech talent fish.

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