Public Employment Services in Belgium: VDAB is recruiting in Europe

Public Employment Services in Belgium: VDAB is recruiting in Europe

This autumn will be awesome for Barcelona! Numerous companies are coming over to our Tech Job Fair in the city, and one of them is VDAB, who are promoting the Flanders region as your potential career destination!  How about giving it a try to live someplace else?

VDAB describe themselves in a very simple and straightforward way:

“Work in Flanders is the international labour mobility service from the Flemish Public Employment Service (VDAB), looking out for potential employees abroad to help our innovative economy flourish and work out the shortages that this exciting Northern region of Belgium is undergoing.”

And what they do is even more interesting:

“We provide tailor-made international services for Flemish employers in need of professional staff. We focus on durable job mobility, where skilled professionals from other EEA countries are motivated to apply on our job offers”, they say.

They’re coming to Barcelona to let you know how awesome it is to live in Flanders and find your dream work over there. This amazing region offers countless chances of employment. It’s not hard to guess that the tech positions are at the top of the list of the wanted specialists! Here’s who is most likely to find a job in that quickly developing region:

  • Software engineers (embedded)
  • Electrical engineers
  • Microelectronics
  • IT analyst developer (JAVA, .net, c++, C#)
  • Project managers IT and/or Communication
  • Mechanical engineers
  • civil and nautic engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • Technical designers

If you’re up to hopping out from Barcelona and trying a life elsewhere, check out VDAB’s website, their Facebook and LinkedIn! Most of all, book your free ticket for Barcelona Tech Job Fair and talk to VDAB’s people personally!