New York Silicon Alley Weekly Updates 29 Nov 2013

New York Silicon Alley Weekly Updates 29 Nov 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome many of you gave me last week. I loved getting your

We have a January Demo and Drinks Night in planning stages and are looking for presenters. Those interested can complete this form to let us know.

For most of us here in the US, yesterday was not just about the dancers in the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade, or pets in the Purina Dog Show, but about Football. As I
watched the majority of my in-laws eat pumpkin pie and yell at the TV, I couldn’t help
but think of an app looking for funding on one of our sister sites: Fan Choir

I definitely encourage all of you to foster your startups on that site. It was quite
successful in putting the necessity of that product at the forefront of my mind.

Oh, and being thankful, family, pilgrims and cornucopias are all lovely sentiments too.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Don’t forget to check out the #TechStartupJobs Fair New York here.

Enjoy Your weekend!

Best, Francesca



My Personal Hackathon – Learning Rails in one Weekend by @ShawnTechMeetup

I started programming at 12 in school and stopped once I became a Project Manager many years later. But the yearning to code stayed on and I have always wanted to continue coding.

How 3-D Printing Startups Are Shaping the Future

That was the message written on the first photocopied page, which was produced in 1938.



5 Ways to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup – Mashable

How 3-D Printing Startups Are Shaping the Future – Entrepreneur

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Should your business be using bitcoins?



Ideas to be brought to life

EvoThings presenting @TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Stockholm #TMUDrinks

Sketchpad Ideas presenting @TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Stockholm #TMUDrinks

If you have an idea please submit at TechIdeaHub


Fans Choir
Mobile football app that aims to make football more of a democracy then a dictatorship by finally letting a football fan’s voice be heard and amplified on their football club’s team selection, performance and tactics.



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