New York Silicon Alley Newsletter 13 December 2013

New York Silicon Alley Newsletter 13 December 2013

Happy Freezing Friday!

Our Jan 23rd #TMUdrinks and Demo evening has been announced! Check out current presenters and ask any questions you may have here. To share your killer ideas or let us know how innovative your start-up is, apply to present. New for 2014, you can also advertise your company with a stand (check out the stand tickets on Eventbrite).

Welcome, to our new members. Please shoot them an e-mail or leave them a quick tag and lets get collaborating.

Bret Longo : A marketeer for Cushman & Wakefield

Robert Lum : A front end developer for Offerpop

Leila Njimohlah : A marketeer from Baltimore, new to NYC

Pierre : A fellow Canuck living in NYC, managing treasury cash in the finance industry

Kevin Iandivar : Developer for Mindshare

Rahul Sharma : Business developer at Kanerai

Ana : Web designer for Worldnow

Brien Buckman : VC at Mastercard

Samuel Lee : Designer at FlightMint

Tolu Owodunni : Advertising Technology for Omnicom Media Group

Bryan Wade : Developer for Junction Networks

Chris O’Shea : Software Developer at HBMJ Consulting

Damon Amoui : CEO/ Founder of Quindo (also presenting at our Demo night JAN 23rd)

Jeremy Tescher : Sales rep for MakerBot

Vinko Grskovic : SDN for Vello Systems

Rajay Kapoor : Sales Apura LLC

Kai Cheng : Programmer

Tamanna : Student at Per Scholas

Gilles Meiers : Business Developer at Revevol

Andreas : Software Engineer in NY

Krishna : Expert in Big Data

Tay Nils : From Brooklyn, NY

Allyson : Monetizing email at LiveIntent


Thanks! Francesca

PS. Email me your hashtags, we want to follow you and your companies!

SSUE 13 Dec 2013




23 Jan 2014: TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! New York Jan 2014 #TMUdrinks [ RSVP HERE ]


24 Apr 2014: TechMeetups presents #TechStartupJobs Fair New York 2014 [ RSVP HERE ]




Big data “start-up” Pivotal to invest £100 million into Tech City

US big data firm Pivotal today announced that it plans to invest £100 million in Tech City over the next 10 years and open its European headquarters in London.


The Rise of New York’s Internationally Founded Tech Startups

New York City has rapidly been emerging as a hub of tech innovation. But a major, if overlooked, part of that growth has been due to startups founded internationally making NYC their home.



What would you do with $10,000? Elance are launching a global competition for start-ups on Wednesday 11th Dec with over $100,000 worth of prizes. All you need to do is tell them your Big Idea!


TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin – Nov 2013 [Video]

TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin 14th Nov 2013 held at Berlin, Germany, Supermarkt.




BYOD Blues: What to Do When Employees Leave – TechStartHub


National Research Foundation invites VCs to invest in young startups – e27


Struggle of Entrepreneurship Is an A/B Test: Pete Koomen(@koomen) Co – Founder & President of Optimizely(@Optimizely) – TechCrunch



Ideas to be brought to life


What’s your BIG IDEA?

If you have an idea please submit at TechIdeaHub


Fans Choir
Mobile football app that aims to make football more of a democracy then a dictatorship by finally letting a football fan’s voice be heard and amplified on their football club’s team selection, performance and tactics.


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