More than a watch: Apple’s entry into wearable tech

More than a watch: Apple’s entry into wearable tech

Original post by Heather Kelly via CNN

(CNN) — In the last week, the Apple iWatch has made the jump from unlikely rumor to a real product that’s probably in development, thanks to well-placed leaks that have been showing up in various publications.

The latest is a report from Bloomberg that says Apple already has a team of 100 employees working on a wearable device.

The clues, and resulting flurry of speculation, are planting the seeds of an Apple watch in consumers’ minds. The general public has not been crying out for a better watch. Apple dream-product rumors have mostly focused on an elusive Apple TV over the past year.

But Apple prides itself on knowing what the people want before they do, and an Apple watch would be way more than just a fancy timepiece.

It’s not about the watch form factor, but creating a wearable mobile device that takes advantage of advances in mobile computing technology such as cheap sensors, better battery life and improved voice recognition. An Apple watch could work with an ecosystem of third-party wearable sensors and products that tie into one powerful, small hub.

If executed correctly, an Apple watch could spawn a lucrative industry of compatible products, like it did with the iOS App Store and mobile applications.


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