Mobile Is Ever-changing The Way Events Are Done

Mobile Is Ever-changing The Way Events Are Done

This generation is re-shaped by the mobile technology, constant cloud storage and wireless communication; moving the era by leaps and bounds than ever. Amassing over five billion subscribers and exploding global networking, mobile stands a unique tool with significant crowd power to be integrated to any area of business. Smartphone technology stands the right cohort for businesses and when you glance at the modern event industry, runs on a plethora of advanced mobile conference apps benefiting event planners and attendees, is a secret future weapon for brand success. Some innovative companies like QuickMobile, PropellerMobile, CrowdCompass,  DoubleDutch, with their event apps have created ways to weigh the levels of attendee engagement at a given event or conference.

2nd ParaMobile applications not only perk event organisers in improving the user experience, same time a diving platform to stream revenue via immense sponsorship possibilities. Researches always affirm that mobile is an effective medium to increase advertising possibilities and bring measurable ROI.

“mobile continues to prove that it is an effective advertising medium.” Joy Liuzzo, Senior Director of Marketing and Mobile Research at InsightExpress, Stamford, CT.

Flexible Access

Mobile devices, flexible and lightweight though not hands-free, are conspicuous in delivering content. Event organisers can easily send text, mail, web links, images, event material, which users could browse at their convenience. Event apps are scalable, flexible solutions on smartphones or tabs for event planners to offer essential event updates for attendees, letting corporate meetings build on promising performance.

Cost Effective – Go Green

When compared with prior manual approaches, mobile devices are user-friendly as well eco-conscious in executing business. Creating and distributing content or brochure at events are limited, turning out outdated event materials with live content and virtual offerings. Conference applications are rapidly changing the industry, from traditional printouts to instant live updates on palms. The earlier channels were never cost effective, but these are, delivers “Greener” content anytime, anywhere on attendees palms. With no time, your attendees can update schedules, access venue details, check restaurant reservation; relieving from hassles surrounding the events. Event organisers can update event details, exhibitor or sponsor or delegate profiles and inform attendees any change in agenda via push notifications. With more than 80% users sailing with mobile apps, event apps adoption rates are high as well.

Improve Onsite Efficiency

Brings onsite services for event managers, portable and easy to access; enabling mobile functionality, improves onsite efficiency, while attendees access real-time information. Integrating this innovative tool to event program, updates, speaker or sponsor profiles, venue maps, help event managers retrieve reports, leads or session traffic and audience engagement on the fly. Moreover, these event applications, free event organisers from hefty binders or stuffed clipped boards, completely erasing irritation of moving with an obsolete data. The outcome is bigger and it becomes easy for the organisation to accomplish the bottom linesuccessful events with qualified prospects. This real-time interactive event guide in attendees pockets are best venues for profitable engagement. Survey shows that over the last 3 years in the UK events industry, there is around 49% increase in the use of conference apps.

Better Interactivity

Apparently, robust mobile applications are improving content distribution as well widening the opportunities for audience interaction, boosting content relevancy. Attendees or speakers can expand their business even outside the event by interacting with new connections – bringing about new channels of networking. The explosion of social channels like Facebook, Twitter extends the life of live events. The reaction, interaction and action via social platforms, helps to sustain the human touch of this strategy to embrace brand success, one surefire approach to draw and convert new customers.

Many conference apps get tied with social functions, to bring active interactions and reap customers. With social functionality, organisers can share speaker profiles, event agenda, invite attendees, additionally, encourage attendees to post conference details on their friends’ profiles, building efficient networking.

In addition to social functions, interactive polls or survey tools add measurable results on the event, as attendees take part in discussion real-time right from their mobile platforms. Instantaneously they can shoot questions to speakers or delegates via texting or aurally, and express likes or dislikes, sustaining ongoing communication.


Gamification is the new trend which event planners increasingly deploy to bring gaming concepts to business, which captivate and encourage audience. In a non-game scenario, to bolster powerful engagement, apps are integrated with gaming features, specially designed for events or conferences. It tracks customer loyalty and undoubtedly fun! You may think, this approach sounds strange, but the fact is, it’s already consumed to drive attendees – the biggest challenge for event organisers. Most of the innovative event apps, binds gaming techniques like; collecting points, aiming for new levels, prize or badges while participating in survey or challenges, tasks to compete with leaders and many more. If you are thinking for a more interactive platform for the coming event, probably you should gamify!

Efficient Analysis

Mobile applications are efficient to track page visits and customer activity with respect to the content. Some robust applications offer event managers extensive data analytics of attendee interest, which help to monitor the page view of the product or service, improving future events.

With evolving mobile technology, event planners are innovating on these new grounds to take events to the next level. This crystal eyeball study gives insights on how mobile technology is reshaping the entire event industry.

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