Meet Sofmor, an exciting early-stage startup, at the TechStartupJobs Fair, London!

Meet Sofmor, an exciting early-stage startup, at the TechStartupJobs Fair, London!

Sofmor is a platform (to be!) combining the best of a Learning Management System and social networking to elevate and enrich the learning experience of students worldwide. Sofmor empowers students to utilize the knowledge and insights of the people around them by enabling them to connect, collaborate and share with fellow students so they excel in their academic and professional life.

Sofmor believe broadening your knowledge network leads to a more fulfilling and enhanced learning environment by exploiting the vast and varied experiences of the people you share your academic life with.

Sofmor is currently looking to hire for the following roles:

Back-End Developer & Potential CTO
Front-End Web Developer & Co-founder

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial developers to join the team as a potential co-founder.  You’ll be an integral part of the company with input in major decisions from the word go.

Meet Sofmor at the TechStartupJobs Fair on 11 September 2012, London.
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