MatchboxHQ: A fresh new way to connect with your audience

MatchboxHQ: A fresh new way to connect with your audience

Founder Kyle Hudson will be presenting MatchboxHQ at TechMeetups Manchester Drinks and Demo Night on March 20 at TechHub.

Introduction to MatchboxHQ:

MatchboxHQ is a new and fresh combined-marketing platform, MatchboxHQ allowsyou to connect with your audience through E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, and Social Media marketing.

They are not only a marketing platform, they are a white label (reseller) platform allowing digital/marketing agencies to brand the platform as their own, currently we allow resellers to use custom domains, specify CSS, setup reverse PTR and DKIM records (so Google Mail etc would show “sent via” instead of “sent via”).


Kyle Hudson:

Kyle has been working in the SMS industry for the past 4 years, he started in 2008 when he build a white label SMS marketing platform, within six months of launching the platform was sending over 2 million messages a month to clients such as Mazda, BMW and Marriott hotels group.

Kyle sold his first company in 2010 to concentrate on new ventures. In December 2011 he met the other directorsand who noticed a gap in the market. After a month of market research, the idea of MatchboxHQ was born.

Kyle is the main backend developer behind MatchboxHQ.

Ben Cleverly:

Ben has been involved in the marketing sector for the past two years, at present Ben is employed by HAVAS EHS.

Ben is experienced at building high standard emails that are presentable across as many email clients as possible. He is also responsibilities in helping to build and design web platforms used by clients of the agency. These clients include Volvo, Subway, Whitbread, Pets at Home and First Great Western to name a few.

MatchboxHQ utilise a large number of redundant systems to ensure your campaigns are delivered in a timely fashion. Also, MatchboxHQ have partnered with the several providers to ensure they are able to archive our commitments.


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