How to get hired at a Copenhagen startup

How to get hired at a Copenhagen startup

Original post by The Local

The Local speaks to experts from the Copenhagen startup scene and beyond to find out how to get a job at a freshly-minted technology company.

It’s not just Berlin. The startup scene is really starting to thrive in Copenhagen as well. With a wide talent pool and startups collaborating to support an ecosystem in the city, Copenhagen has plenty to offer for those looking to get in the ground floor with the next big thing.

But to get that dream job, there are first some things to consider. The Local spoke to leading actors in the Danish startup scene to get answers to a few key questions.


How do I get noticed?

“If you want to get hired, you have to start networking and attending relevant events. Convey to prospective employers that you are willing to work for free for a month and be sure about where your talent lies. You could print flyers and hand them to people you meet at such events. Don’t just email your CV to the founder/ owner. That’s not innovative enough to impress a potential employer,” Christian Walther Øyrabø, an investor in startups and the chairman of the Danish Entrepreneurs Association, tells The Local.

Jonathan Løw, the CEO of Listen Louder in Aarhus, advises applicants to do their homework before sending in the application. “When job seekers send in applications to my company, I like to see originality, as it makes them stand out. However, by that I don’t mean writing weird or crazy things. Research the startup and figure out how you can contribute with your individual skills,” says Løw.

A little bold action doesn’t hurt, either.

“I once hired a guy who texted me at 10pm: ‘I am the one you are looking for’. He was pushy but it worked,” says Løw.

The best place to get noticed is using the special startup job boards in Copenhagen, like Copenhagen Startups and CPHFTW, according to Karsten Deppert, the initiator of Øresund Startups.

He also seconds Øyrabø regarding the need to network.

“A lot of startup jobs are never really announced, especially in early stages, as small teams like to move quickly and efficiently. So, from the many meet-ups and events happening, find the ones most relevant to subjects of your interest and participate in them. The startup scene is very open and it is easy to get in,” he says.

Deppert also suggests using keywords like ‘Copenhagen – entrepreneur/ entrepreneurship’ to search and add contacts on LinkedIn, contacting managers of various startup studios like Founders A/S, Rocket Labs, Founders House, and Gfish, and directly reaching out to companies with vacancies with a short description of your skills and any previous startup experience.

“Attaching the link to your updated LinkedIn profile is a lot better than attaching your CV,” Øyrabø says.

Should I apply from abroad?

“Yes, if you can do the paperwork, as there is a lot of it before you get your work or migration permit. You then have to deliver all these papers to the employer. When applying from abroad, tell your employer that you can be the gatekeeper to your native country’s market. They see this as a big advantage,” Øyrabø advises.

According to Løw, what Danish startups need the most is international knowledge and perspective.


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