How to Build a Successful Startup – Business Models, Real-World Problems, and Solutions

How to Build a Successful Startup – Business Models, Real-World Problems, and Solutions

Taking the plunge and running a new startup essentially means finding yourself in new territory and doing things, most of which you have not attempted to do before. You may want to get all the help you can to avoid stumbling around the Startup world in the dark about what your business needs to take off. In this session, you will get well acquainted with the following.

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What is a Scalable Business Model?

Discover how to solve challenges faced by startups while increasing profit over time. Learn how to use these challenges to drive your startup forward.

Find out how to process and network software for your startup to grow and manage increased demand.

How to benefit from Economies of Scale and quickly ramp up production.

How do you Identify one?

How much capital does the business model need to generate incremental growth?

How does it maximize customer value?

How quickly does that model attract competition from other similar businesses? Learn how to apply market differentiation for your startup.

Find a Scalable Business Model

Gain an understanding of how to incorporate a scalable business model that will increase profits over time, by growing revenue while avoiding cost increases.

Does business output always require increased input for it to grow? Does the business need to hire more employees any time sales must increase?

Discover which model works best for your startup. Is it a Linear growth model for resources and revenue balance or a non-linear growth model for high levels of profit over time?

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The Vital Tools and Modes of Thinking

Discover the best collaboration software for daily planning. Learn suitable repeatable solutions for your business.

Discover Project and Team management solutions to manage all sorts of initiatives.

How to apply the three human models of thinking in a startup, to enable you to give focused and well-established solutions to problems, draw processes to generate creative ideas by exploring business possibilities, to navigate the industry through a direct and innovative approach.

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Learn how to spot the right funding partner to scale your Startup business model effectively.

Find out how to start with a Minimum Viable Product until you find your target audience willing to pay for your production.

Discover metrics that are crucial in developing a scalable business formula.

How do you Build a Value Proposition

How do you Build a Value Proposition

Discover customers expectations and the benefits from the consumption of your product or service.

Find out how to strategically solve problems or improve lives with your product or service.

Why should customers buy from you over your competitors?

Solving Startup Problems

Learn how to aggressively implement a customer-centric working philosophy that can win the customer’s trust.

Find out how to find a suitable candidate from a vast pool of aspiring candidates when hiring.

Gain an understanding of how to have high but controlled expectations, keeping view of the available resources and other market factors.

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Understand and Serve your Potential Customers’ Needs Effectively

Understand and Serve your Potential Customers' Needs Effectively

Discover your customers for a specific product or service you offer in terms of the solutions they need from you depending on their age, gender, occupation, disposable income.

Find out customers spending habits and financial capacity for the type of product or service you offer.

Discover your customer’s preferred shopping means and methods like online shopping, over the phone or in stores.

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