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What do you get?

  • 20+ mentors to help with all aspects of your Startup from product market fit to pre launch
  • 200 years of combined experience of world class Startup mentors
  • 4 weeks to polish and launch your Startup !
  • 32 hours of online mentoring
  • Collaborate with a group of 20+ like minded startups

There’s more … 

  • 7 FREE Ebooks to open your mind to new possibilities

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  • FREE platform to guide you to launch your startup and collaborate with you team for the first year

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All this for EUR 249*

*Hurry Up! Limited Time Offer till 15th May. Original Price EUR 499 ⌛

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Taking the plunge and running a new startup essentially means you find yourself in new territory, doing things no one has attempted to do before. Finding a scalable business model as quickly as possible is your primary objective.

During our first TechMeetups Online Startup session, our Mentors will take you through the vital tools, methods of thinking and lessons learned by others which will help you iterate towards a viable business model. Covering this ground is essential before thinking about pretty much anything else: business plans, technology, branding or finance.

• What is a scalable business model and how do you identify one?

• How do you build a value proposition by solving real problems?

• How do you understand and serve your potential customers’ needs effectively?



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Setting up the right company structure for your Startup. Not only does it help keep sharing between founders clear and concise but also paves the way for may things you would like to do with your Startup once it becomes the next Facebook 🙂

Once you have the right structure for your business, what about your idea your IP? Many a times, entrepreneurs are scared to even discuss their ideas with others for fear of someone “stealing” their ideas. If they do not have their IP protected, this is a completely rational fear.

Don’t fancy a trip behind bars? Then come and learn what you are legally allowed to do and not to do with your startup.

In this part of our TechMeetups Online Startup session, you will learn:

1. How to protect yourself from others stealing what is rightfully yours; your ideas and your startup.

2. The laws that pertain to you and your startup

3. How to incorporate yourself into a legitimate business.


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Your startup will always be judged by the quality of your team and your product will be the sum of that team’s effort. Getting the dynamics of that team right can mean the difference between exponential growth… or none at all.

In this TechMeetups Online Startup session you’ll find out how to cover yourself, your assets and code however you choose to work with your co-founders of hires. Find out how incentives and benefits can help you compete for the best talent against other employers who are able to offer bigger pay packets. Discover how you can tap into online hiring effectively to take advantage of a global pool of talent to get your product developed and marketed by experts, often at unbeatable costs.

What you must know if hire anybody for your startup
Everything you need to know about Recruitment Law and Immigration
How to attract the best talent and keep your employees incentivised
How to make the most of the global talent pool
Founder stories: Your first hires & how to keep the relationship with you co-founders sweet


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What should your first marketing campaigns look like? How will you evaluate its success? What is the best way to use social media in marketing? How do you run a PR campaign and establish long term relationships with journalists?

In this TechMeetups Online Startup session our Mentors will help you understand how to evaluate the most effective marketing channels for your product, how to construct your messaging and which tools can help evaluate the success of your campaigns. What’s more, they’ll let you know how you can kick-start your customer acquisition campaigns on the lowest possible budget for maximum returns.


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It would be nice if some good PR & Marketing were enough to get you all the customers you want, but the reality is you’re more than likely going to be chasing and closing those first big deals yourself. That’s a daunting prospect if you don’t have a background in sales so in this session our Mentors will help you understand the basics of selling to individuals, corporates and the public sector. They’ll also be advising you on the best way to structure your sales processes and how to manage your customer feedback to keep iterating your product.


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Once your idea and value proposition has been proven, it’s time to concentrate on constructing an efficient, repeatable customer acquisition and retention process.

Find out some of the most simple and innovative ways to stay lean, scale your operations and set yourself apart from the competition by understanding the mindset you must adopt if you want to become a $1billion startup.


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With so much competition online, providing a great user experience has never been more important for a startup. Not everyone will have a UX specialist on board from the very beginning, but understanding how to make your app and site user-friendly can be done by anyone, if they know how.

Your site should be accessible and attractive technically as well as visually to your potential customers, which is why the second part of this session focuses on design and branding, something we believe you should think about early on and continue to iterate as your marketing activities provide you with informative data.

During this TechMeetups Online Startup session our Mentors will help you understand how your vision can become a great product that people love to use again and again, resulting in the creation of a repeatable sales process – an essential step in scaling your operations.

Why UX matters and how to get started
What it takes to build a great online and mobile product
How to think like a designer
Getting your brand right


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Development platforms can be a tricky decision. The decision can vary based on your budget, past experience, how easy it is to find developers, cost of maintenance, functionality provided, scalability, ease of migration, etc. etc.

We get some of the best tech Mentors to talk about all these and help you make that critical decision.

Our Mentors have a wide breadth of development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of some of the state of the art development platforms that will be shared & discussed in this session.


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list of mentorsJust as two minds are better than one, imagine the benefits of 100 minds working together! You have been slaving over your startup, and it truly is a labour of love. Now you have made great progress, and you need an unbiased person to test it out.

Well, you are in luck! At this special instalment of our Startup MBA Program, you can demonstrate your product, and our attendees can test it out and give you constructive criticism. The testers may find an error that you didn’t catch, or shed some light on a new option. They may even suggest something that you never even thought to try. The possibilities for innovation, creation and collaboration are endless!

Our Techmeetups community will be brought in to provide feedback for your benefit to make your startup the best that it can be!

All this for EUR 249*

*Hurry Up! Limited Time Offer till 7th May. Original Price EUR 499 ⌛

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