How Startups Can Run An Effective Email Marketing Campaign!

How Startups Can Run An Effective Email Marketing Campaign!

By  Andrew Clarke

Email marketing is the most effective way to build long-lasting relationship with your customers in a cost-efficient manner. With clear goals and messages, email marketing can efficiently support your marketing efforts online & offline with a relatively low budget. As the objectives can vary based on the audience and the industry, it is imperative to focus on the contact list development, which is the most important part of any email marketing technique.

Here are the essential tips & tricks on how you can increase and maintain your subscribers and develop a solid email marketing campaign.

Identify customers’ needs: Discover what could give value to your targeted audience and analyze the content.

Create Landing Page: A dedicated landing page for the subscription form must include all the essential features that are required to make readers understand the reasons why to opt for your newsletter.

Make Usage of A/B Testing: Use this testing method to determine, which subscription box works better. Try different techniques, experiment with colors, styles, Call-To-Actions, Fonts and let your customers tell you the sign-up box they prefer.

Make Subscription Form Visible: Include the subscription form above the fold as it increases the chances of subscribing. This practice makes the form more visible to the user.

Easy Subscription: Simplify the subscription process by lowering the number of required fields and eliminating the hurdles. This increases the possibilities of subscribing.

Integrating Social Media: Integrate your subscription form with social media campaigns. Either you can give a subscription form along with your Facebook fan page or drive traffic from social media efforts to the landing page.

Publish Newsletters: Upload & share your previous newsletters through social media. This gives your subscribers an idea about what you are offering. Also, you can create fresh links and content supporting your SEO efforts.

Keep Frequency Stable: Email marketing is a technique that empowers your efforts for long-lasting relationships with your customers. Therefore, you need to stay in touch with your clients, while keeping the frequency stable.

Inform Customers: Inform your subscribers about the frequency of email, when they will hear from you. This is important to gain the trust of your audience and is a sign that you are not a spammer.

Privacy Policy: Make your users feel safe, state your privacy policy clearly and let them know why you are asking for their information and how you are going to use it.

Right Time to Ask for Subscription: Ask the customer for the subscription, when he is satisfied with the experience offered by you within the site as there are more possibilities to collect their information.

Focus on Your Newsletter Templates: Make sure that your newsletters are simple yet attractive and easy to understand even before images load.

Include Share Buttons: Make sure to add share buttons in your newsletters. This allows readers to share easily the content, which they find more interesting.

Add Call-To-Action: Include strong Call-To-Action on the footer of your blog post and entice readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Segmentation: Provide your subscribers the option to select particular topics of their interest to ensure relevance of the content that they receive. Utilize multiple newsletters’ list or groups of interest to build effective email campaigns.

Focus on Quality: Always provide relevant content to your audience and it is wiser to add more value by giving access to the exclusive content. Remember, a successful email marketing is not to increase the count of subscribers, but to maintain a fruitful relationship with them.

Offer Guides: It is always good to offer something like downloadable guides & e-books in exchange for their email addresses. Everyone loves free information, especially when your site is known to offer the great content.

Use Contests: Run contests to attract visitors & create buzz around that helps you gather email addresses.

Get Subscribers’ Feedback: Make sure to get the feedback from the user, when unsubscribes from your list. This will help you understand where to improve, like improve the frequency or relevancy of content or something else. Run surveys and ask your customers how you can improve your service. This will help you bring new ideas to maintain your subscribers.

Provide Incentives: Give incentives or bonus, if someone accepts to participate or forwards your email. Always reward the people that help you and they will surely return the favor.


Thus, these are the effective rules and guidelines to help you build a successful email marketing campaign.

Being a professional email template designer and blogger from Email Chopper, Andrew Clarke always keeps himself updated with the latest industry trends. In his leisure time, he loves to write useful blogs and tips on designing HTML email templates, PSD to email conversion and others. 

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