Hiring for startups – advice from @WorkableHR

Hiring for startups – advice from @WorkableHR

For years, Workable recruited for fast-growing companies. Went through thousands of resumes, down bottomless mail threads and countless job boards, each with its own posting structure. Roughed it with tedious applicant tracking software, the obligatory excel files on-the-side and the impossible coordination of interviews and feedback.

Nikos Moraitakis, founder of Workable, is sharing his experience in helping startups improve their teams and attract the best talent:

“We’re a startup that makes hiring software. We think about hiring for startups a lot. We have strong opinions on the topic. Funny thing is, every time I get invited to speak at an HR conference they ask me to say something about startups, and every time I’m invited at a startup event they ask me to speak about hiring.”

So here it is, Workable popular presentation on startup hiring:


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