Go2Geo: Supercharge Your Links

Go2Geo: Supercharge Your Links

Mat Richardson will be Presenting  Go2Geo  at TechMeetups Drinks & Demo Night! London May 2013 #TMUdrinks on 23rd May at Club Workspace

Presenter: Mat Richardson




Founder and CEO of Go2Geo





About Company & Product

logo1Go2Geo provides an online solution to consolidate multiple links to differing national online marketplaces into just the one global geographically-smart link.

Because users are able to integrate tracking URLs from multiple regions and networks in the one link, they have the ability to unlock their affiliate links from national boundaries on platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Ebay, William Hill and any others that run multiple country specific store fronts and affiliate programs.

Go2Geo allows the user to send their traffic to the most native vendor for them via the appropriate affiliate program in order to increase conversion rates and ROI.

Go2Geo links can be used anywhere a regular link can be used and so there are no limitations on the networks that can be joined or the products that can be promoted.



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