TechMeetups ignites collaboration, creativity and connects Universities with Startups through its HTML5 Hackathon at City University

TechMeetups ignites collaboration, creativity and connects Universities with Startups through its HTML5 Hackathon at City University

We’ve just finished our HTML5 & CloudHackathon which took place last weekend, 20-22 July in London and, wow, what a weekend it was!

The three days were filled with inspirational ideas, lots of learning, plus plenty of nerves and emotions as teams raced to finish their HTML5 app prototypes by 4pm on Sunday.

This time the Hackathon took place at City University, London,  who were a Partner of the event.

With such talented individuals turning out for the event with great ideas and huge drive for learning it was a difficult task to decide the top prototypes from the weekend. All the teams were fantastic, and we once again want to thank all the participants, Sponsors, Partners and Mentors for getting involved – in the true spirit of a hackathon, you all helped each other succeed, learn and iterate on the fly.

If you missed all the fun, you can get involved in our next hackathon over the weekend of 16-18 November!


On Friday evening all our participants got together to hear the app ideas that need a HTML5 app:

Ideas presented on opening night:

1. Jukerfm

2. Gifftd

3. Volunteering

4. PTAsocial

5. Newsbuddy

6. Business card scanner

7. Broca8. Wholesale market

9. Kwikword

10. Self Hacking

11. Opuss HTML5

11a. Zu

12 LGBTQ Events Mapper

The Hack begins

Once all our app idea generators had presented their ideas and projects to the audience hackathon teams were formed and roles assigned.  Everyone got brainstorming and wireframing right away!

The teams hacking on the night were:

1. Volunteering – Rob, Tes, Cat, & Andrew

2. Self Hacking – Jeremy

3. Opuss – Nagib, Matt, Will & Khuram

4. Zu – Nagib, Chris, Nilolas & Etty

5. Broca – Matt Chic & Matt Williams

6. QuikWord – Ali, Mani, Teenum, Niket & Robyn

7. JukerFM – Lufaka, Ruban & Luke


On Saturday morning we all got together for some extremely valuable workshops from HTML5 cloud services experts.  All our hackathon participants got involved to hear tips for incorporating

into their hacks and we were delighted to welcome additional participants who attended the workshop to learn.

10:00am Alan Thomson : A case study in creating a portable & smart HTML5 Mobile App

Alan’s presentation can be seen here.

11:00am John le Drew: Using HTML5 to make friends and influence people

John’s presentation can be seen here.

11:30am Pusher: How to use the PusherApp for maximum affect

Video tutorials on how to get the most out of Pusher can be seen here.

11:45am Graeme Parker: Monetising your apps & how to use the Adfonic SDK

You can download the Adfonic SDK here.


We had a host of mentors dropping in to help out our Hackathon participants :.

Wes Biggs, CTO, Adfonic

Paul Childs, CMO, Adfonic

Graeme Parker,Technical Project Manager, Adfonic

Sean Kane, Springboad Mobile

Alan Thomson, Project McColl

John Le Drew, Founder,

Rui Barroca, UX Designer

Shiva Kumar Naspuri, Vertu

Sandwich hack

It wasn’t just hacking on screens for the teams over the weekend – TechMeetups tradition is for teams to hack their own sandwiches so lunchtime on both days saw the teams hacking their own sandwiches with some excellent results 🙂

There were no clear winners of the Sandwich Hack so we roll over the prize for our next event the Olympics Summer Party.



Final Team Presentations


Three expert judges joined us to decide which team should be given the top prize. They were:

Rif Kiamil, CIO, JJ Food Service

Sean Kane, Springboad Mobile

Wes Biggs, CTO, Adfonic

The HTML5 app prototypes built over the weekend were judged by our jury on the following criteria:

A. Creative use of technology

B. User Experience and potential for long term user engagement

C.The quality of the prototype you have built

D.The market potential of the app T

E.The viability of your business model

The following 6 teams stepped up on stage to present their HTML5 app prototypes



3.Self Hacking




Final 3

Top prizes were awarded to:

1. QuikWord – a game combining the challenges of scrabble’s word knowledge and countdown’s pressure to beat the clock.

2. Volunteering – think Farmville but for the real world

3. Broca – learn a language with an online pen pal

A special prize was also awarded to the Self Hacking team for the best hack using the API!


The winner of the hackathon was Quikwords, a great multi-skilled team with the following members:

Ali – idea generator and marketer

Robyn – idea generator who joined the team as marketer and branding expert

Teenum – designer

Mani – developer

Niket – developer

The team received a great prize bundle to help them develop and launch their fantastic app:

Help with building and monetising the app

3 months free access to the Pusher Startup Plan worth $150

$250 campaign credits courtesy of Adfonic

Help with launching the business

Free company formation and advice from JeffreysHenryAccountants

Free legal clinic with lunch included from KingsleyNapleyLLP

TechMeetupsGuruProgram: 3 tickets per team member giving the team up to £1,250 in startup support

Sponsors & partners

We would very much like to thank our Sponsors and Partners for making this event possible!

Thanks to our Sponsors: Pusher, and Adfonic.

Also a big thanks to Rif Kiamil of JJ Foods for Sponsorshop of the food and all important Red Bulls for the teams!

And thanks to our Partners, City University and springboard Mobile.



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