Fathers of Technology: 10 Men Who Invented and Innovated in Tech #tbt

Fathers of Technology: 10 Men Who Invented and Innovated in Tech #tbt

Original post by Ricky Ribeiro via biztechmagazine


When people are asked to describe inventors, they often use one word: genius. As a society, we look upon the inventor with awe, and we fawn over his inventions with curiosity and admiration. We wonder, how did he do that? Where did he find his inspiration?

In the course of IT history, certain men have breathed life into groundbreaking technologies that most users now take for granted. In honor of Father’s Day, and as a companion piece to our 10 Mothers of Technology, we’ve compiled a list of 10 men who have helped shape IT with their inventions.

Here’s a toast to 10 fathers of technology.

Douglas Engelbart
Human-Computer Interaction Whiz

 His impact on technology:
Doug Engelbart is most celebrated for his role in inventing the mouse (along with his lead engineer at the Stanford Research Institute, Bill English, who fashioned the first mouse prototype). At a time when many people are turning to track pads and touch screens, the mouse remains perhaps the most commonly used peripheral of the past three decades.


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