Cloudee forecast: iOS-based cloud video service opens to the public

Cloudee forecast: iOS-based cloud video service opens to the public

Original post by Tom Cheredar via VB

Cloudee, the cloud-based video service for iOS device owners, is swinging its doors open to the public today.

The service is a project spun off from set-top box startup Boxee and first launched a private beta back in May. It lets you organize all the personal videos on your iPhone into separate streams for friends, family, co-workers, etc. You can then share those streams via the Cloudee iOS app, the web, or Facebook. (For example, I currently have a stream for my blonde, hot-dog-shaped canine Noodles, which contains only videos of her hamming it up for attention worse than William Shatner in front of a large crowd.)

The service is a lot like the new feature Apple recently rolled out for its iOS 6 camera apps, which allows friends and family to view custom streams of video or images via iCloud. This is especially true now that Apple has added deep support for Facebook sharing within iOS 6.

Today, however, the Cloudee team is unveiling a new desktop upload tool that should help give the service a boost over Apple’s native apps. People who do have a collection of videos stored on their PC probably aren’t in any rush to figure out a way to add them to Apple’s photo and video streams. Yet, those same people might actually put forth the effort to add them to Cloudee. Either that or those videos are already on YouTube, which offers some form of custom video stream but nowhere near Cloudee’s level of sharing with specific individuals.


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