The Complete List of 2021 Recruiting Events with TechMeetups

Job seekers and employers with vacancies are being invited to meet face-to-face at ‘speed dating’ recruitment events in 2021, organised by TechMeetups. To date, 25 employers had confirmed their attendance at these recruitment events, and we expect more to come, as discussing work options and exploring opportunities is so much easier when you are face-to-face. Tech […]

ELCA: 50 Years of IT Excellence

Could you attend our Tech Job Fairs or missed them? Zurich is a wonderful city full of career opportunities waiting for you around every corner. In 2019, we’re coming back to the city with one of our events. While it’s only December, the exhibitors already started to sign up! Join our Zurich Tech Job Fair […]

Frontify: Brand Guidelines & Design Collaboration Made Easy

We are so excited about Zurich Tech Job Fair and the companies that join us to find the tech talent they need. Let us tell you the amazing story of Frontify, the most scalable brand management software for maximized brand consistency. Among crystal lakes, enclosed by misty mountains, they simplify the life of branding by […]

Zurich Tech Job Fair 2018 – See Who’s Joining Us

Only about a week left until Zurich Tech Job Fair 2018 – and it’s high time you meet all the companies who will join us for the event. If you’re still unfamiliar with them, don’t worry – this post will tell you who exactly is coming to the fair and who they are. Hold on […]