Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition

Original post by OnStartups This is a guest post by Dave Balter.  Dave is the CEO of BzzAgent, founder of Smarterer, an active angel investor and a holder of proms. You can follow Dave on twitter @davebalter Everywhere you turn these days, you find an angel investor. Aside from those who have always invested small amounts of cash in […]

Start-Up Spotlight London: Silicon Roundabout – Full of Fashion, Music and Mobile

Original post by Courtney Boyd Myers via Qualcomm Spark As the world’s most connected cities—from Singapore to Sao Paolo to New York—make great efforts to keep pace with California’s Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom isn’t one to be left behind. With nearly 8 million people and a diversity of industries ripe for disruption, many eager eyes are looking […]

The temptations _ and trappings _ of Silicon Valley’s super-rich

Original post by Tom Ehrich via washingtonpost Forget Wall Street. Today’s “best and brightest” are heading to California’s Silicon Valley and New York’s Silicon Alley, and to a few other tech-startup hot spots. Thousands of aspiring engineers, web developers, designers and marketers live in dormitories, work in open-floor bullpens, attend coding competitions to enhance their skills, and work […]

Mozilla Confirms It Will Join Berlin’s New ‘Factory’ Campus

Original post by MIKE BUTCHER via TC We’ve covered them since before they existed, but now “Factory”, Berlin’s new, vast tech campus, is taking shape. As builders adapt old factory buildings (an area which will cover 107,000 square feet or 10,000 square meters), the privately-funded initiative has announced that Mozilla will become an anchor resident in the facility, […]

The rise of Silicon Roundabout

Original post by ILM Some people call it Silicon Roundabout. Others refer to it as Tech City. However you describe it, East London’s technology start-up scene is booming. Matt McAllister finds out how this hub has managed to defy the downturn There have been few industries left unscathed by the recession. All across the UK, […]