The Pros and Cons of Startup Life

The Pros and Cons of Startup Life

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“Startup Life” is definitely not for everyone. Neither is working from home. So “working from home for a startup company” must require some sort of special gene. The kind that allows people to be unstructured enough yet disciplined enough at the same time. Call it insanity or passion or a mix of the two, let’s just say it’s the type of lifestyle that can work out beautifully or terribly depending on the person and his or her personality, objectives and preferences in a particular phase of life.

In my case, I guess being a Gemini must help a bit. The sign is symbolized by twins, which represent “the ability to relate to opposing visions simultaneously, to possess dexterity and a talent for multi-tasking” as well as “an easy ability to adapt.” As if that weren’t enough, I’m convinced that being a 31-year-old woman, with no children, married to a hotelier who changes cities every few years, also fits the description of those who might just have that special gene — or at least, the need to cultivate it.

I’m sure everyone who either lives or has lived the Startup Life would agree that many sacrifices have to be made. Some have abandoned very stable and promising career paths in order to invest in this higher-risk alternative route. Often times, the stress and the long hours of work can be brutal, and we all know — and are frequently reminded by our friends and families — of “the usual victims”: proper sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and time with friends and family, to name a few. Combining that with working from home can be disastrous if you are not disciplined enough to un-glue yourself from the computer and the chair in the living room from time to time.



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